The Woodland Trust employs hunting agencies to shoot deer in its woodlands and describes this as "management", "intervention", "control" and "thinning out".

The Woodland Trust also uses glyphosate weedkiller that, according to the World Health Organisation, the Northern Coalition of Alternatives to Pesticides, and other organisations, "reduces the populations of beneficial insects, birds and small mammals by destroying vegetation on which they depend for their food and shelter".

A recent study by two eminent Swedish oncologists has linked glyphosate to an increase in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in humans.

The Trust's actions directly conflict with its objectives as set out in its Trust Deed and Memorandum of Association, which are:

"The objectives of the Trust are to conserve, restore and re-establish trees, plants and all forms of wildlife in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and thereby to secure and enhance the enjoyment by the public of the natural environment of those territories".

The Trust also states:

"donations will be helping to secure our cherished woodland and the thousands of creatures that live there".

"The public benefit of the Trust's woods lies principally in their aesthetic qualities - beauty, tranquility, timelessness - and in their value for wildlife".

"Wildlife" includes deer, foxes, birds, small mammals and insects, not just those that are acceptable to the Trust.

The Trust's Directors have refused to give a public commitment that no wildlife will be intentionally harmed on Woodland Trust owned or leased properties.

If you have concern about the Woodland Trust killing deer and other wildlife, please withdraw your support